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Rentsmart Property Management - Hawke's Bay

Providing lifestyle freedom through firm, fair,
and friendly property management.

The Rentsmart approach to property management.

You might be wondering, what a Rentsmart property manager actually does? It’s a good question, and if you’ve managed your own property investments before you’ll know that sometimes it feels like the 'to-do list' goes on and on.

What we will DO for you...

  • Free rental appraisals - Yes, please!
  • Discuss with you how to get the most out of your rental properties
  • Advertise your available properties using quality images and top-notch wording
  • Conduct the viewing of your property for potential clients
  • Carefully select your future tenants, using our 'over the top' list of tenant checks
  • Take care of the admin and preparation of tenancy agreements
  • Bond collection and lodgement
  • A thorough Rentsmart tenant induction
  • Collect all property rental income on your behalf - With zero tolerance for rent arrears
  • Organise and oversee high-quality property repairs and maintenance - Our sound relationship with industry professionals means we often receive discounted rates!
  • Take care of maintenance invoices on your behalf
  • Conduct your property inspections - Our standard is 3-monthly but this can be altered to service your requirements
  • Fixed-term renewals
  • Exit inspections and bond refunds

By Rentsmart taking a full package approach to property management, we provide our clients the opportunity to experience 'lifestyle freedom' (In other words you get to spend more time at the golf course, your favourite winery or doing more of what you love).

Because.. better property management equals better returns and fewer headaches.

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Preparing your property

Preparing your property for rent is an important first step. We'll explore what can be done to increase the property appeal and maximise your return on investment, as well as meet any tenancy requirements or looming government regulations.

Careful tenant selection

If you’ve had a bad tenant experience you’ll know how important this step is. It’s critical. Our self-imposed "tenant checklist" is a thorough process to ensure we get the right tenant for you. We’re committed to your success.


On-going analysis

Here’s where we really shine. Property investment isn’t just set and forget. We love pouring over the numbers and tweaking this and that to make them better. A better performing property delivers better results, and that's our commitment to you.

Flat Fee, No Hidden Costs Surprises

As well as smart property management, we’re also straight up. Our fees are a flat 7.9% of the rent collected, and $25/month administration fee. No organising maintenance fee. No fixed term renewal fee. No inspection fee. Even no letting fee. How good is that!?

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Ready to get started?

Book a discovery session with one of our team today. No obligation, just a friendly chat.

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