Summer-ising your rental property.

Summer is well and truly on the horizon and although landlords can expect their tenants to have fewer problems in the summer than in the winter as there are no leaky roofs or heating problems to battle with, the summer season brings its own set of challenges for rental property owners.

Have no fear – We’ve put together a list of handy tips and maintenance tricks to roll out at your rental property, to save landlords time and hassle when those long hot NZ summer days arrive.

#1 Mulch, mulch, mulch   

Adding a layer of mulch to your property’s garden in the lead-up to summer not only helps to keep weeds down, meaning you’ll be able to spend less time working in the garden and more time relaxing at the beach. But it also helps the ground to retain moisture when the days heat up, giving your plants a chance to grow.   

#2 Silly season expectations  

Warm weather and late sunsets often mean BBQ dinners and evenings spent outside late into the night. It’s always better to remind tenants of any noise + gathering expectations before summer begins, opposed to having to remind tenants of the expectations after a noise complaint has been laid.  

#3 Summer service the AC unit 

Soon it will be time to turn on one of your home’s best summer appliances… The AC unit. But before you hit the ‘ON’ button you want to make sure that your unit is summer-ready. We recommend enlisting the services of a professional (At Rentsmart we have all our AC units serviced regularly). A professional be able to check the unit, clean coils, adjust dampers, and look for any other potential problems to ensure you have a well-functioning system and low power bills.  

#4 We didn’t start the fire  

Hot days = fire danger. It’s always a good idea to put your fire thinking hat on when conducting a property inspection before summer. Ensure that outdoor bushes and trees are trimmed back and that any dead plants or long grass are removed. Additionally, make sure any BBQs owned by tenants have been positioned away from buildings and have adequate ventilation. 

#5 Check the deck  

It’s always worth checking over the deck after the winter months for signs of rotting and to hammer in any nails that may be poking up. Your deck may also need re-sealing or may require some TLC to ensure it is safe for summer use.

#6. On the move again  

It’s no secret that the summer months are the most popular time of the year for tenants to move on. Be prepared for this! A database of pre-screened future tenants who are ready to move on in is just one of the benefits of having your property listed with a property management company.


Wishing you could enjoy the summer months without having to worry about any of the summer maintenance tips mentioned above? It might be worth reaching out to your local property management company (like us – Rentsmart Hawke’s Bay) and leaving your property in their capable hands while you hit the beach all summer long.

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